Energy & Utilities

At Abraham Business Solutions, PC, we understand the challenges and complexities facing the energy and utilities industry. The constantly evolving landscape presents a unique set of tax challenges, and the unpredictability that characterized the industry can complicate financial filings further.  Your company needs a provider that understands the energy industry’s dynamic nature and unique regulatory challenges.

At ABS, we have a team of highly skilled professionals with a depth of experience providing tax, audit, and consulting services to organizations within the energy industry. Whether you’re in the power generation, oil & gas, utilities, water, or renewable/alternative energy industry, we can provide comprehensive services personalized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Services offered to the energy industry include:

Accounting Services Include:

•    Full Well Accounting
•    Royalty Disbursements
•    Revenue Distribution
•    Joint Interest Billing
•    Cost Segregation Analysis
•    Depletion Analysis

Tax and Other Advisory Services Include:

•    Strategies to maximize deductions related to drilling costs.
•    Specific multi-state  income tax expertise as it pertains to withholding and statutory depletion requirements.
•    Transaction structuring to maximize IDC and other tax benefits.
•    Guidance on entity planning with concentration in complex joint venture, LLC, and partnership structures.
•    Exit planning to minimize tax liability.
•    Severance tax
•    Section 382 Studies
•    Domestic production activities (Section 199)

Our goal is not only to minimize your tax liability, but also to help you create an effective accounting system that will minimize the necessary work. Request a Consultation or call us at 832-426-4829 to find out how we can help you and your business save money on taxes and grow your wealth.